Core Values are Unique to You!

Every person is unique. Each individual has their own thoughts, their own minds, and their own behaviors. Every person also has their own core values. Core values are the values and principles that are at the core of our deepest desires. Core values represent our motivations, our inspirations and our impulses.

These personal values are the driving force for how we find contentment in life. Yet for some reason most people stray from their own core values. They blindly put their faith in aspects of their life that are not their true motivators, and as a result they are unable to achieve their dreams and visions.

Why Don’t People Examine Their Core Values?

There are many different theories about why most people refuse to examine their own core life values. The most often cited reasons include:

  • Complacency – Self-reflection involves the willingness to commit to change. Many people have grown comfortable with their cynicism in life and are unwilling to make the efforts to find out what their core values truly are in the interests of keeping their life mediocre and free of abundance.
  • Fear – Self-reflection on one’s core life values can be a frightening process for some people. It involves examining yourself for answers. When you spend time with self-reflection to uncover your principles and values, you are forced to take responsibility for your own behaviors.
  • Doubt – The cynicism that has taken over your life may have led to doubt in your own abilities. For your principles and values to be truly unlocked, you will need to have faith and hope in yourself and what you can accomplish.

Many people have doubts, fears, and laziness towards finding out their core values. But what you should realize is that when you refuse to take the time to reflect on values, you are the one that is putting the road block between yourself and your laser focus on life. You are the one that is holding yourself back. If you allowed yourself to engage in self-reflection, you would find that your core values and principles are right there for you to uncover, and can have a drastic change on your life.

Understanding Your Core Values and Principles

You need to let go of your fears and give yourself the energy to commit to making these revelations in your life. Finding, recognizing, and utilizing your core principles and values has the potential to give you a laser focus on your path in life. It has the potential to give you not only clarity, but also the mental and physical energy to reach all of your goals.

Why is it so effective? Because in many ways, your core values are the truest form of yourself. You are essentially able to tap in to what makes you, you. By uncovering this amazing potential, you will never lose your motivations and never lose sight of what is important to you. You will be able to keep your ambition, drive, energy and focus to generate the results that are at your deepest core.
Discovering your core values will drastically change your life path in so many ways:

  • Appreciating Every Day – When you live your life according to your core values, you will be able to enjoy every facet of your life, because you are living a life that is dedicated to bringing contentment to you in the form of the values you currently hold. Reaching each goal will bring you tremendous joy, because each goal is based on your own real values.
  • Living Without Regrets – Core values help drive the way you live in life. You will hit some crossroads along the way, but when you are living according to your principles and values, those speed bumps will not bring you down, because no matter the outcome you will know that you made your decisions based on your true core values.
  • Keeping You Focused – There are a lot of temptations and distractions in life. Often these can brings us off our path and towards something that won’t bring us true contentment or abundance. But when you have uncovered your core values through self-reflection, you will be able to keep yourself focused and motivated towards the path that is best for you, and ignore anything that threatens to derail you.
  • Improved Self Esteem – It’s a well-known fact that those that know themselves like themselves. When you understand who you truly are as a person you will have no reason to be envious toward others or bitter about where life has taken you. You will be able to keep your contentment and happiness high, and tap into what makes you an amazing person.
  • True Satisfaction – When you seek out goals that don’t satisfy your core values and principles, the satisfaction you receive from receiving them is weak and fleeting. It is much like the joy you get from buying a new clothing item – for a day or two when you wear the clothes you feel pleased, but afterward the clothes lose their value to you, and you seek out more satisfaction elsewhere. On the other side, when you set goals that relate to your core values and principles, you will find that your satisfaction is deep, intense, and enjoyable.

The benefits of self-reflection to discover your true principles and values is undeniable. Most of us never get a chance to live our lives the way that we truly want to. Yet if you are willing to commit to the idea of living your life according to your core values, you will find that the benefits never cease and your life will be filled with happiness, energy, and abundance.

How Coaching is Designed to Help You Uncover Your Essential Core Values in Life™


The easiest way for you to find that focus and clarity in your life is to allow yourself to commit to finding out your core values. Essential core value coaching philosophy is based on the idea that by slowly working towards discovering the values that inspire you the most, you will be able to tap into the core values that are most important to you and discover how they can be most beneficial to you.

This style of life coaching involves working through a list of over 350 different core life values and principles, and slowly narrowing it down – digging away at all of the values that are less and less important until we discover, together, the 5 to 7 core values that most represent who you are.

This assessment, one that I call the Essential Core Values in Life™ assessment, is the ideal way to discover what values matter most to you. As we sift through every one, you will notice many of the values that have been affecting your life in the past, and which ones have been leading you astray from your core values.



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