Wise Planning

Any successful endeavour is accomplished by wise planning. And for our plan to be successful it must contain a vision; have a purpose and implement a strategy of how we are planning to achieve it. Without a plan our dreams will lay dormant.

To have a good plan, we should have a clear vision. When you have a vision, you will be looking for all possibilities and your mind will be focused on the purpose. All your effort and energy will seek after that which you want. Vision is the foundation of planning. We should also explain the vision. The vision will then become your purpose. After you have a clear purpose, you recognize it as part of your daily life. Have a strategy and be realistic about your plan if it is achievable. Use common sense when considering the resources needed and maintain a good budget. Also, make sure your plan is maintainable after it is achieved. If you can’t maintain it, it will lose its value. Lastly, set realistic time frames during the week to be dedicated to the plan. Consider the effect it will have on your family and friends.


Schedule In An Organizer  : Downloaded from http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Office_and_Stationer_g145-Schedule_In_An_Organizer_p55243.html


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