What is your Purpose? What is most important to you? Are you Happy?

Let’s face facts, life isn’t always easy. It’s fraught with misunderstandings and trials that cannot be avoided. This can make it hard to remember why you decide to get up each day. Eventually life has us so run down that all we can do to avoid going backwards is plod on. This takes all the purpose out of life and can make it very difficult to stay motivated.

There is, however, a way to overcome this cycle. It isn’t magic either; it’s an understanding of what is the most import to you. These things are what really drive your life. They are your personal values and essential core values. Without them, you would certainly not be able to answer the next question.

What is your Purpose?

When someone comes to you and asks, “What is your purpose,” what do you say? You may start to formulate answers that surround your work and your hobbies, or maybe those closest to you, but the truth is that these are only the physical outcroppings of your deeper personal values.

The problem is that sometimes we aren’t being driven by these personal values. Sometimes, we do things or want things because of outside pressures and influences. This is a big part of the reason why life sometimes feels so difficult. Not only do we burden ourselves with the pressures and expectations of others, we aren’t being true to ourselves.

Unfortunately the question “what is your purpose?” is not going to get us to the answers about our truest self. In order to connect your motivations with your personal values we need to dig deeper and ask:

What is the Most Important to you?

Unlike the vague, but basic question about purpose, asking what is the most important to you helps to pin point what your core values truly are. Whatever is most important to you is going to likely be your biggest motivator. It is also going to be what brings you the most joy and happiness as you journey towards it.

  • So, what is Happiness anyways?

According to the dictionary happiness is the quality or state of being happy. In other words it’s pleasure, contentment, joy, or having abundance! When you know that what you have is enough and will always be enough, you are content and joyful. So what is happiness? It’s living in abundance!

So, what you really want to find out by asking yourself what is the most important to you is whether or not you are focused on what’s most important or least important in your life. The easiest way to figure that out is by asking one final question:

Are you Happy?

The last question that you are going to ask, “Are you happy?” is difficult. We often experience happiness at times and believe we are, but the feeling is fleeting. It’s buying a new car or outfit. Though these things do make us happy, do they provide lasting happiness? Chances are that they don’t.

The only thing that is really going to make you happy is fulfilling your deepest desires. Basically, you can ask yourself are you focused on getting what is most important to you or not? If these two aren’t aligned then happiness, contentment, and ultimately abundance cannot be achieved.

Align your Core Values and Personal Values with your Goals

These questions are all asking you what you really care about. These personal values, or core values as I call them, are essential parts of who you are. They are how you truly define yourself. What’s more is that they can also unlock a whole new prospective for you. When you take away all the distraction or outside influence and discover what truly matters most to you, it allows you an opportunity to set goals that really matter. The result is a higher level of motivation to succeed as well as increased satisfaction both in completing the task and through the journey. You are happy simply because you are doing what you want. Doesn’t that make the most sense?

Making it Happen – Life Coaching can Really Help

Going from asking a simple question like, “What is your purpose?” to aligning your life according to your core values isn’t a short process. It takes time, energy, and often a bit of help. Not only can it be difficult is striping away all those outside influences to discover what matters most to you, but you have to then make a plan to act from that as well. While you may not be experienced with this a life coach is. With specific tools, personal experience, and a bevy of support a life coach can help you move through this process with confidence.

How can Abundance Coaching Help?

It’s pretty clear that life coaches can certainly make a difference, but Abundance Coaching has taken it to the next level by offering a variety of services to you today as well as the support that you might want tomorrow. Some of these life changing tools include:

  1. Free Coaching Session: Contact certified life coach,Scott Epp, to book your free initial coaching session to find out more about what coaching can do for you today.
  2. Through the Abundance Coaching Values Game you can start down the path to discover what your most personal values really are.
  3. Coaching Support When You Need It: Whether over the phone, via Skype, or in person – our coaches can be there to support and guide you when you need it most.

“A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.” -Elaine MacDonald


If you want to experience more from life, stop the cycle of frustration, and live in abundance then you owe it to yourself to make a plan for change. It’s not going to be easy. In fact, I can almost guarantee that it won’t go as planned. Thankfully, with Abundance Coaching I can also guarantee to be there to help when you need it most. The only question left to ask is, when are you ready to start living in abundance?


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