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What Is Life Coaching Going to Do for Me?

What in the World is Life Coaching?

It all started September of 2006. I had just begun a relationship with the woman that was to eventually become my loving, perfect wife. I met her in Toronto at a wedding, and we were enjoying a long distance relationship since lived in Saskatoon, Canada.

One day as we were talking on the phone, Nicole told me something that I found both confusing and intriguing. She told me “Scott, you would make a terrific life coach.”

At first it didn’t make sense. Although I knew what coaching was, I thought it was something that was limited to athletes. But a life coach – “What is it?” Why would I make a good life and what kinds of people need them?

Still, Nicole had gotten my attention. She gave me some examples of it and told me about one of her friends in Toronto that was working as a life coach at the time. I had only met Nicole’s friend once, but even then I remember thinking “wow, this woman has a positive spirit and inspiration in her voice.” Little did I know that it was those very qualities that made her such a great coach.

So there I was wondering what a life coach is and what they do. I decided to reach out for more information. What I saw was an endless amount of potential in a field that drastically needed competent, qualified coaches to help them reach their goals and get in touch with their values and principles.

What is It Going to Do For You?

As a coach, I work to identify my client’s goals and dreams. Afterward I create action steps that help them accomplish those goals and dreams, and give them a sense of realization about how they can really become the people they wish to be. That realization gives them hope for the future, showing that they truly can accomplish their goals and dreams.

I then support them throughout the process of achieving their goals, keeping them in touch with their core values and principles along the way and offering support as a friend, mentor, motivator and coach throughout the process.

Years Later, Still Going Strong!

So here I am today, making my journey as a life coach. I have developed skills and knowledge that help me be the best life coach I can be. Life coaches help people flourish as individuals, by offering them the tools, guidance, and support they need to get in touch with their values and principles and get in touch with their goals and dreams.

Life coaches are trained with the ability to help people become unstuck in life. We can help people that are just existing and unfulfilled become people with thriving optimism and a desire for self-fulfillment. Life coaches are able to draw out their client’s own gifts and abilities and help them progress in life.
Or, as my wife says: “A coach helps people ignite their dreams and support their journey so that they can live out their destiny.” You see why I married her.


Imagine you were an author. You spend your whole life drafting a manuscript that is nice, but not perfect. It needs to be perfected so that you can reach the ultimate goal of getting it published. As a life coach, I would act like the working editor of that manuscript. I wouldn’t be writing your book for you. You already have the skills necessary to publish a great works. Rather, I would be taking your dreams and goals and helping you craft them into a reality.

Listening To You Along the Way

As a life coach, I believe that the best way to help you reach your goals is to listen. With the support of a life coach, you have the ability to have a personal soundboard that will make sure you are truly getting accurate help without bias or opinion. It is only through this type of environment that you can be truly heard for who you are and what you are going through.

Life coaching cannot be described in a few short sentences. The answer to what is life coaching is long and complex, just as counselors, physicians, musicians and other professions cannot be described in a few words on a page. There are a variety of strategies that are approached with each client, since each individual has their own challenges, their own values and principles, their own goals, upbringing and so on. Each individual requires a careful approach to help them achieve success.

Yet I hope that in the meantime, this information has helped you become more curious about life coaching and what it has to offer.

Coaching and counseling certainly have their similarities, but they also differ in nature and in practice. Ask yourself what the difference is between life coaching and counseling.

Scott is a Certified Professional Coach and the President of Abundance Coaching. Scott can help you follow your bliss and get more purpose in life. Scott’s passion is to help people discover what they value the most and live it. He has a fun, enlightening and unique program which includes games and personal coaching around your Core Values.

You can get a complimentary coaching session on the phone or on Skype by going to

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