Understanding People

Why should we want to understand people?

When we understand someone, we don’t judge them and it is easier to forgive them. We may have felt the same way ourselves which helps us identify with them and in turn help them cope with their situation. We are more tolerant when we understand the underlying causes of the behaviour. This is important for business, family and all other relationships.

Our basic needs are to be loved and appreciated, to feel secure, have a sense of belonging, and to experience a sense of achievement and self-worth. Keep these in mind whenever you deal with people, regardless of the situation.

Understanding people will make our lives more peaceful because understanding the people in our lives will eliminate many conflicts and stresses. We will also be able to motivate and lead people to serve others. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of people allows us to team them up effectively. Lastly, we will be able to place people according to their abilities. There can be disastrous consequences if we try to put people in a mold that doesn’t fit them.


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