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 Hi I am Scott Epp, owner of Abundance Coaching and Your Abundance in Life Blog.  I believe that each of us can live awesome lives that are filled with abundance!  Everyone has desires and a purpose to go somewhere in life.  Some people set there life purpose on the backburner and as a result they feel passionless, apathetic and dissatisfied with life.  Other people simply haven’t taken the time to find out what their true life purpose could be.  The awesome news is that you can discover your purpose in a more meaningful way!  You can live your life with more abundance!  You can become the champion of your life and start living in greatness!  You will be inspired and empowered by our rich articles that cover themes like your core values, having abundance in life and living with purpose!

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  • Journal Prompt Programs - Develop the leader in you and become all that you want to be! You will receive 1 journal prompt a week for 40 weeks. These journal prompts are designed to bring you down a process of self-discovery and awareness. When you get a journal prompt you will read the title of that week’s prompt and […]
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. New Years Resolutions - Every New Year million s of people get great ideas that they are going to set as resolutions. They are inspired by one thing or another and they set out in search of the perfect New Year’s resolution. Gym managers are busier than ever signing up fresh new resolution setters that intend to lose that […]
  • The Gift of Receiving Love and Affection on Christmas - The Gift of Receiving Love and Affection on Christmas Christmas is forever, not for just one day, for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf. The good you do for others is good you do yourself. ~Norman Wesley Brooks – “Let Every […]
  • 2011 Scott and Nicole Epp Family Highlight Video – Happy New Year! - 2011 was an awesome year for the Epp family.  The biggest highlight was the birth of our son Nehemiah Scott Nathan Epp.  Other  highlights for us included Mom and Dad Martin flying from Australia to be with our family and welcome their new grandson into the world.  We had great times at Mom and Dad […]
  • Matt Proctor Challenge to Quit Smoking and Save his Life – Case Study - Matt Proctor Needs to Quit Smoking to Save his Life! If Matt does not quit smoking he says “I will end up on a ventilator and die, and leave my family with the heartache.” If you are a smoker and you want to quit or if you have any habit you are looking to quit […]
  • Our Product Launch for The Abundance in Life Wheel!™ - We are excited to launch our latest product!  The Abundance in Life Wheel!™  My wife and I created our version of the life wheel with a focus on helping people to get authentic and clear results when they rated themselves.  Some Life wheels only have 8 categories and we found that they were too general.  […]
  • Finding Joy in the Midst of Hardships - In the world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I am sure everyone can relate to times in life where the obstacles seemed too overwhelming. Life is full of turmoil and tribulation. Life has ups, downs and sideways. In today’s Column I aspire to give you hope that there is joy in […]
  • We Have Power in Our Thoughts and Words - We have power to uplift someone or to put them down. Through our words we have the power to give or take from someone, or ourselves. We have the power in our words to build faith or to destroy it. We can encourage and edify people and make lasting differences in their lives. We can […]
  • Finding Joy in Everyday Life - Sometimes we get stuck in life and we find it hard to be joyful. Let’s face it the realities of life are often difficult at best. We often find ourselves in the midst of undesirable circumstances and struggles with family, jobs, finances, relationships and more. These trials can cloud our perspectives and mold our attitudes […]
  • Getting Closure Can Help You Live More Abundantly! - You need to get closure from your past hurts and baggage that you may have from past relationships. sometimes we can hold how we were mistreated or lead to believe a lie or worse from those past relationships for years. I am very happily married right now and I can gladly say that I have […]



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