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SPEAKING, TRAINING & WORKSHOPS – Life Coaching in Public Speaking by Scott Epp

Public speaking is not an easy task for many people, but it is something that can inspire and is applicable in so many ways. Whether you are in a business setting or a church group, having the ability to speak your mind with confidence is important. This skill is not something that you learn overnight. Sometimes a public speaking workshop is a good place to start. This is why Scott has created his speaking, training, and workshops for life coaching in public speaking.

So, who is Scott Epp?

Scott is a Life Coach and Canada Public Speaker based out of Saskatoon. For almost 10 years Scott Epp has prepared and presented over 40 speeches, competing in local and provincial levels as a member of Toast Master’s International. He is experienced at Emceeing and giving special talks at various events. As a Saskatoon life coach most of his workshops and retreats are done in the city of Saskatoon or in Saskatchewan. However Scott can be hired to speak at your event or business in Canada or the United States.

Why work with Canada Public Speaker, Scott Epp?

Scott is a Canada Public Speaker and has delivered dozens of speeches at as well as competed in local and provincial contests. Scott Epp, a Saskatoon Public Speaker, also gives talks with church groups including men’s retreats, youth, college, and career workshops. People that have attended any of Scott’s speeches comment at the energy passion and enthusiasm that he brings them.

Scott is also a certified trainer with Global Priority where he works with businesses and individuals training them on universal principles and values enabling them to start living healthier, more purposeful and successful lives.


You and your team will find Scott Epp creative, inspiring, motivating, warm, friendly and challenging as a speaker or workshop host. Each topic can be covered in ranges from 10 minutes to 1 hour. If your team requests a workshop on these or other topics one can be arranged. Additionally, we can write a speaking program or workshop that is customized to the topic(s) of your choosing. If needed, we can also set up a teleconference workshop online for your group.

Where to Find a Public Speaking Workshop with Scott Epp?

Scott is based out of Saskatoon however arrangements can be made to hire us to travel to your location in Alberta Canada or anywhere within Canada or the United States. Please enquire for all of these details. Here is a sample of some of the topics that Scott Epp can speak to your business or church group about!

Create an Abundance Mindset – Move from having a Scarcity Mindset!

Values and Principles – Building Strong Character, Courage, Vision and Leadership in your Business!

What are Your Essential Core Values in Life – Getting focus on what matters the most to you!

Qualities of Excellence – Become Excellent at what you do and love it!

Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation – Effective strategies and solutions for dealing with people!

Finding Balance with your Personal and Work Life!

Setting Goals to Set Goals – Becoming SMART about Goal Setting and Get things done

Our Thoughts, Actions, Habits and Character determine our Destiny!

Workshop to Workshop


Live With Passion and Have Abundance in Life

Scott Epp



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