You will find winners and losers in every society and culture and in most cases the difference is in the values or principles they choose to follow. This principle of sowing has a lot to do with the future for us as individuals as well as the progress of our societies as a whole. There are several benefits in incorporating the principle of sowing in our lives, it allow us to see the potential in others because you will be looking for the good in them to sow into. You will see what that person can be and will sow encouraging words, ideas or even bless them with a gift to inspire them to reach out and be all they can be. We will also be inspired to do good yourself because while you are focusing on the future possibilities of others you will discover possibilities for yourself as well.

You will get a good return on whatever you sow, if you are an inspiration to others, you will receive inspiration in return. It is sowing and reaping, whatever you give out will come back to you.


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