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So You Had a Bad Day, Now What?

A Rough Day is a Reality of Life

I think the first thing that we need to realize about a bad day is that it is going to happen to everyone. No one goes through life without struggle. It is rather, how we chose to react to it that will truly tell the tale of the day.

The first thing I ask someone who tells me that they’ve had a bad day is not “What was so bad?” but rather, “How did that day affect you?” This prompts a different line of thought. Unlike the first question which directs us back to those frustrations and negative aspects of your day, the second makes you think about how you responded to it. This is what is most important. If you’ve handled it well, this can bring a change from living in frustration to having abundance in life.

Switch your Focus to the Positive

The next step in moving away from your bad day is to switch your focus onto more positive things. I’m not talking about those things which “feel” good, but those which bring you the most joy. In many cases family, friends, and hobbies are at the top of this list. These fulfilling aspects of your life can help you switch your focus from the negative to the positive.

Tip: Avoid focusing on tasks which may frustrate you like a new project. When you want to switch your focus, use those things you know are going to make the difference.

A Foundation of Strength to Weather the Storm

Overcoming a bad day is easy when you set a foundation of strength to weather the storm. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a bad morning or afternoon has to ruin your entire day. A strong foundation in life comes from a few key principles:

1. The Right Start: The first part of your foundation of strength lies in the first 30 minutes of your day. Start your days by focusing on the positive and the potential of the day rather that the struggles it may cause. This will immediately begin building a new foundation of strength in which to dwell for the entire day.

2. A Support System: The second part of a strong foundation in life is the one you build around yourself. The people in your life influence how you react to struggle. This is a fact. Take notice of those who build you up in times of distress and those who let you down. The former are the ones you want around.

3. Outlets for Emotions: The last part of a foundation of strength is having an outlet for ridding yourself of those bad feelings. Harboring frustration, anxiety, or anger will ultimately lead to your foundation cracking and eventually crumbling all together.

Building Up an Abundance in Life

It is easy to maintain a positive demeanor when things in life go well, but you can do something in those easy times to help you through a bad day. When you experience abundance in life take notice and make sure that you don’t forget the blessing. It is a lot easier to put that bad day in perspective if you have an abundance of life to remind you of how much you have.

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