Most of us desire prosperity, but there are many who believe that to be wealthy one must participate in corruption, they do not connect honesty and character with success. But what is true “Prosperity”?

Prosperity is a reward of doing what is right through perseverance and effort. It takes courage and effort to have a prosperous life. To be prosperous, you should seek and pursue it. As with everything else in life, prosperity starts when you desire it and then do the right things to create it. Also, work hard to become prosperous and do not give in to laziness and stinginess. Be a producer and be patient. Always looking to get rich quick will steal your resolve to work hard and be diligent with the task at hand. Hard work over time will produce prosperity and satisfaction of a life well spent. At the end what matters most is to always look to progress in every area of life; relationships, career, health, spirituality, social life, learning and finances. That is true prosperity.


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