It is important to know the distinction between stress and pressure, stress is stress comes from having an overload or being trapped or pushed into a corner, we can’t see the end of the tunnel, but can’t go back either. Pressure is more of a choice when you are actively seeking to accomplish things. It stretches and challenges you and takes you to a higher level. In sports we push ourselves to our maximum capacity in order to win. In business, we plan, work, coordinate efforts and maximize resources to attain success. We put pressure on ourselves and others when we want to get something done that is valuable.

Pressure may turn into stress, but in many of these situations we can read just our goals and even use a back door out of pressure situations if we want to. Living with pressure can give some benefits such as having a feeling of achievement which strengthens self-esteem and you will also learn to consistently take ideas and turn them into reality.

As a conclusion; Life without pressure, is a life without progress.


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