Webster defined morality as principles, standards, or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct. It is a key component in the success of any society. Without a moral guide that regulates behavior, individual self-control will not exist. Without a moral standard a society cannot function properly. Having this principle in life is important and can give enormous advantages. People with good morals are transparent, they have no problem looking people in the eye, and their conscience is quiet.

They don’t feel guilty or uncomfortable when talking about a code of ethics or morality. The commandments and the universal principles teach us how to build good relationships with others and how to create and sustain a society with good morals. Understanding and living in accordance to the principles is not a matter of religion or ideology, it is simply about building a healthy life and society. When we live and structure ourselves and our societies upon these universal principles we do ourselves a favor because life is valued and we respect our fellow man. Society benefits greatly when its citizens follow these moral codes.


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