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Develop the leader in you and become all that you want to be!

You will receive 1 journal prompt a week for 40 weeks. These journal prompts are designed to bring you down a process of self-discovery and awareness. When you get a journal prompt you will read the title of that week’s prompt and a short Setup that I have written. Every journal prompt has a quote that fits that week’s theme. Then I will ask you an open ended question. This question is your journal prompt and it is meant to cause you to think about things that you don’t normally think about. It will stir you some weeks, inspire you other weeks and it may even cause you to take significant action other weeks. You can copy the question into a single document and keep adding your journal prompt responses to that document. You can also reply to the e-mail and send you prompts back to me and we can even discuss them in any upcoming sessions. You can keep a hand written journal with your journal prompt reponses in it. Or you can let your journal prompt sit with you through the week and think about it often.

The purpose is to take this 40 week journal prompt program seriously. As you invest yourself in this program identify how your think, your actions and your life changes for the better. Each week you will be challenged with a new topic but you may find that you want to go back and read over previous journal prompts and respond to them at later intervals because your life will change and it may be interesting for you to see how your responses to the same journal prompt question change over time.

Have fun with this program and let me know if you have any questions by e-mailing me.

Develop the leader in you and become all that you want to be!

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