How to be Organized and Stop running around in Circles

How to be Organized and Stop running around in Circles

The Problem: Running around in circles. Have you ever felt like you were moving a million miles a minute and not getting anywhere? A lot of the problem is likely organization. When you run around in circles instead of on a direct path, you expend twice the energy to get anything done. This can leave you exhausted, just trying to keep up.

The Solution: Become organized in life. Of course, that’s a lot easier said than done. If you want to stop running around in circles however, learning how to organize and be organized is crucial. This leaves many of us with one question, how?

How to Organize?

You can make lists, tie ribbons around your finger, get a datebook, or any number of small things that might help, but the only true way to be organized in life is to get your priorities straight. This means understanding what’s really behind all that running around in circles.

Self-Understanding leads you to be Organized

Once you take stock of what is really driving you, it is easy to set priorities and make clearly defined goals. When you know where you are going and understand how to get there, all the running around in circles goes away. You become organized. You also find more purpose in life which can help to motivate you further in the right direction.

So, what are Your Core Values?

Now that we have identified that learning to be organized in life means first understanding yourself, it’s time to ask the hard questions. What is the most important to you? What drives you? Basically, what do you value in life? The answer to this is your core values and principles.

Becoming Organized in Life is an Investment in your Future

The truth is that becoming more organized in your life will help you down the road too. Not only does learning how to organize stop you from running around in circles today, it’s an investment in your future aspirations and dreams as well. For these reasons and many more, it just makes sense to understand your core values and principles.

Learning How to Organize isn’t Easy for Everyone

So, what do you if you need help learning how to organize? If you want personal assistance understanding your core values and turning them into organized action, a life coach can really help. Life coaches are equipped with motivational tools to keep you on the right track and insights that will help you understand how your core values work for and against you.

Life Coaching with Scott Epp

Abundance Coaching with certified life coach, Scott Epp, and his team of professional life coaches can help you align your schedule to your true desires. With a life coach by your side, you will know support in a new way as you tackle your turmoil and become organized in life. Stop running around in circles and learn how to organize with Abundance Coaching.


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