Having Boundaries

Trespassing is to go beyond the limits of what is morally correct, or to transgress, or intrude beyond the pre-established parameters. Since trespassing means going beyond the limits, then there must be parameters or boundaries to live by. If the boundaries are not clearly marked, we may trespass and not know it.

If we expect people to treat us fairly, we must first be fair ourselves. To do this, we must have proper boundaries established for those around us by evaluating our expectations with other members of the team; make sure they are not too high or unrealistic. Keep our limits wide enough to provide freedom of action. Be clear about your expectations and time limits; be precise when dealing with new ways and new possibilities of doing things and be moral while you are establishing, applying and enforcing boundaries.


Barbed Wires Against Blue Sky  : Downloaded from http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Security_g189-Barbed_Wires_Against_Blue_Sky_p53642.html


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