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Going through Transition

Life is all about going through transition and problems. As soon as we are finished dealing with a problem, and sometimes, even while we are in the middle of it, we come across a new challenge, a new transition. And, so we need to keep going, to the very end. But, while we all seem to know perfectly well this simple and eternal truth about life, it is surprising we still keep expecting things to stay the same way.

Why we oppose transition

Even a perfunctory observation reveals that we are all resistant to change. Once we have find comfort, or even familiarity, with some place, person or habit, we tend to cling to it for all we are worth. The reason for this inbuilt opposition to transition seems to be the fact that we all seek a feeling of security that we can hardly let go. However, there is another thing to remember – Transition is not always pleasant, or kind, for that matter. If one is not wise enough to know how to deal with transition, one can get wiped away.

Transition and life coach

It is usually difficult for many individuals to cope with changes all on their own. It’s true that they can develop the power and overcome almost all obstacles, but they can’t always do it entirely on their own. They need some external agency, which is supportive if not more, to guide them through the process. This is where the role of a life coach comes in.

A life coach is a person who has enough experience of life to be able to help others who are confused and disappointed. A good coach can correct the thinking of people, and help them deal with problems in a much better way. The importance of a life coach becomes even greater especially when one talks about managing transition.

Here’s what a life coach can help you out with:

  • Understanding transition – Many a time, our reaction toward change is confusion and bewilderment. A good coach can help you understand what exactly is going on, how serious our imagined threats are, and what the way out of the deadlock is.
  • Learning from transition – It is equally important to learn from transition. Whenever things change, they bring in new order, systems, and rules. Learning from these changes rather than running away from them makes a lot of sense.
  • Planning – It becomes harder to deal with change if you do not have a plan to come out of it. And, because a person happens to be confused and scared at that time, a plan is not that readily apparent. That is why a good life coach is essential to making it out safe and sound.

The role of a life coach is paramount whenever one is faced with changing circumstances that are or are likely to be harsh. We all need help during such moments. Get in touch with a good life coach right away and improve your life.

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