2011 Scott and Nicole Epp Family Highlight Video – Happy New Year!

2011 was an awesome year for the Epp family.  The biggest highlight was the birth of our son Nehemiah Scott Nathan Epp.  Other  highlights for us included Mom and Dad Martin flying from Australia to be with our family and welcome their new grandson into the world.  We had great times at Mom and Dad Epp’s with the ever growing extended family for Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Nicole and I are more in love than ever and have enjoyed being companions and parents and putting our family and God first with everything.

Scott has been doing great with his coaching business and has formed many exciting relationships as his vision for business and people is always growing.  Nicole has found joy raising her boys and in everyday life as well as some fantastic girl friends here in Saskatoon.  She loves her date nights with me and she has found new and inspiring books that keep her dreaming about life, family and finances.  We long for the next time we go to Australia and of course its appeal gets stronger every -40 degree day here in Saskatchewan.

Josiah has grown so much over the last year and he has us in awe with what he says.  He is a wild kid with a great imagination and a love for music and dancing.  We love seeing him wide eyed about life and joyful about anything from peek a boo to seeing his younger brother in the morning.  Nehemiah just started crawling and he is such an incredible young boy.  He has a gentle heart and a lovely nature, he puts up well with his older brother’s wildness and he will soon be able to fight for himself.  As a family we are ever laughing, hoping, caring and loving.

Enjoy our 2011 Scott and Nicole Epp Family Highlight Video 

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Thank you for sharing in our life!

Live life with Passion and Have Abundance in Life!

Happy New Year from Scott, Nicole, Josiah and Nehemiah! May you have an abundance of joy, peace and happiness in your life in the new year!



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