Conflicts become confrontations when we say unkind things, raise our voice or become aggressive with our expressions. But there are some advantages that we may get on proper managing confrontations. 1. Learning to manage confrontation teaches us how to respond to situations, this is a great advantage. When we respond in a calm and peaceful way we are letting people know that we have information and that we are sure about our position. Successfully managing confrontation will maintain good relationships and keep communication open. It is not about winning at all costs, when a discussion develops into an argument an aggressive attitude may have us believe that we won the fight, but the truth is we only win when we maintain good interaction and keep communication open.

Handling confrontation properly will keep us humble. Learn to be comfortable saying we don’t know or we are not sure. No one knows everything and admitting that in front of others is a key aspect in having great communication. Dealing with confrontation will train us to see the other point of view. “You may be right”, or “That’s an interesting point” can disarm the situation and your point will be more easily accepted as well.


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