There are those who think that life should be completely without conflict, but behind every remarkable man or woman there are stories of great conflict. Conflicts can make us better people or make us angry at life. We can be humble and thankful and allow it to improve our character and teach us a lesson or be critical, haughty and arrogant. It is not wrong to have conflict and we shouldn’t be afraid of it. If we have a good attitude during conflict we will learn other people’s perspectives to problems. We will also discover our own strengths and weaknesses. Dealing with conflict requires creativity, reason, and discernment to overcome and resolve the issue.

When we accept that conflict will always exist, we will have a better approach and outlook towards those that we are in conflict with. We may also grow and progress as a person and become problem solvers rather than complainers and whiners. And, if we have the right attitude toward a conflict we will avoid wars and preserve and even improve our relationships.


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