Your Personal Coach will Champion You to Soar!

The relationship between the coach and the client will stand out from any other coaching program you’ve been a part of. The coach is like the man standing on top of a cliff face and you are trying to get up. It’s a steep cliff. It’s scary and risky for you to climb, but you know you must. That is why the coach is there, reaching his hand down with readiness to help you up to your goals. Your coach has tools and will help you climb that rock face to make positive changes and live in abundance.

Your personal coach will be your advocate, support, encouragement, and the defender of your dream. Your coach will help you set your goals and align your core values. Your life coach will champion you to soar to the summit of your own mountain. This is abundance in life.

What is Personal Coaching?

Every great athlete has a personal coach or trainer. The coach is the one there on the sidelines with them. A personal coach will, through their wisdom, help an athlete and inspire them to new goals and greater heights.

Personal coaching is one of the fastest growing industries. Every team you have ever seen win a championship, a Super Bowl, or a World Series has had a personal coach and this isn’t likely to change.

A Personal Coach in Your Corner

When it comes to achieving your goals, either as an individual or as a business owner, you need a coach who is on the sidelines rooting for you. This coach has all the tools to keep you staying motivated until the championship. This, my friends, is what personal coaching is all about. If you’ve ever wondered how to change your life, the answer is having a personal coach.

Positive Changes through Core Values Life Coaching

Coaching is a process of identifying a client’s goals and helping to achieve them in an effective way. We are going to identify your passions in life, what makes life worth living to you, and we’re going to expand on those. A coach will help you find an abundant purpose in life so you can boldly go to the peaks of the mountains of your personal success.

Life is nowhere near mundane. The problem is that over time people allow their dreams to be covered up by other things. They allow the whispers of life slowly peck away at their goals and dreams, these whispers shape your reality and the ironic thing is that it is an illusion. By improving on core values your personal coach will keep you staying motivated on the path to positive changes and abundance in life.

Ask Yourself, Is there something Missing?

We will help you to reframe your entire life perspective: hearing, seeing, listening and doing. By adjusting these core values your personal coach will help you open the floodgates and allow the rivers, which are pounding at the door, to come rushing through in an amazing inspirational torrent.

You see, you can be the person you want to be, you can do the things you love and you can live in any kind of home you deem worthy. This is how to change your life to live in abundance.

Climbing to the top of any mountain though takes tools.

Let Life Coaching Be Your Rope & Tackle Box of Tools

Through life coaching, we can use scientific methodologies to help a client become inspired again in life. Using that inspiration we will help that client reach your goals and conquer the challenges of your personal mountain.

Many of these tools, such as goal setting, can be accessed through our sessions. This is done by taking an active inventory on things in a client’s life, especially things that you may have been overlooking. These could be extremely important to the goal setting process and the overall success of a client.

Core Values and Goal Setting

One of the first things we will do is assess your core values. By harnessing your core values, your life coach can understand more where you are coming from. Your personal coach will be able to understand how to leverage your current core values and thoughts to your unstoppable advantage. This is why core values are so important to goal setting. This is what will allow you to filter life’s experiences and leverage them to climb to the top of your potential.

How You Will Soar…

Do you know the meaning of soaring? Soaring means to rise above with the powers of the wind beneath your wings. Instead of the wind pushing you down or raining on you, the wind will be with you lifting you up into the sky once harnessed.

How to Change your Life…

Watch as we use goal setting to convert obstacles into solutions so you no longer have to have the fear of debt down your back as you approach financial freedom. Nor will you ever feel like you are limited in your choices. Positive changes are the key to abundance in life and your personal coach knows how to help you through those changes.

There is such amazing opportunity no matter your creed, nor the color of your skin, nor the gender of your being or the passion of your soul. The opportunity extends a great umbrella that hangs over the entire human race.

We will help you with all of this.


How Can You Work With Us?

We coach individuals one on one, on the phone, or even over Skype. We are happy to coach people from any diversity, in any country in the world. We coach in English so the only requirement is that a prospective client speaks fluent English. For a client that wishes to meet with us one on one, Scott has a Life coaching Studio at 142 Tucker Crescent in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. For our phone and Skype clients Abundance in Life Coaching takes responsibility for all Long distance and Skype expenses.

We are located in the Central Standard Time Zone. We have an easy to use calendar program that clients can choose when they want to schedule their desired appointments. We are flexible to work around many of our clients scheduling requests.

How Do We Accept Payments?

We accept all payments through our secured Pay Pal account. All of our payments are accepted in Canadian Funds. For Package Pricing Please click the “Coaching Packages” Link. On this page you will also find links to inquire about special customized packages for businesses and individuals. Our goal is to champion you to your take actions towards achieving your dreams and we will endeavor to provide the right service to help get you there.

Get a Complimentary Session with us today!

Just follow this link to learn more about our coaching sessions & packages to get started today to living & leading a better, more fulfilled purpose-driven life. We are happy to offer you a no obligation complimentary session with us today! In only one session we believe that you will find hope as you start to break down the walls that have kept you stuck.

Live With Passion and Have Abundance in Life

Scott Epp


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