The Dream Killer

It’s easy to see people that have greatness inside them.  As a Certified Professional Coach, I believe in people.  I can see the champion inside them and I know they are just steps away from achieving true abundance in their lives.  Yet there is something standing in their way that prevents them from achieving their dreams.  People’s dream killer is having a scarcity mindset.

The key to abundance is in understanding the difference between a scarcity mindset and an abundant mindset.  Once you see the difference you can take the steps necessary to change it.

Scarcity Mindset

When you were younger, you likely had many dreams about how you would achieve greatness.  Over time those dreams may have evolved, but you still have many dreams and big ideas that are calling to you – things you know that you can accomplish.

So what’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you is a poison called scarcity. Those with a scarcity mindset always focus on limitations. They believe that the world has a limited supply of good fortune, and that they probably won’t be able to get their fill. They have doubts, fears, insecurities, and they see their lives as a lack.  They focus only on the things they don’t have, and see only the reasons they can’t get them.

Those with a scarcity mindset spend most of their time dreaming about how to get rich or build wealth, but see time, money, and stress all as things that are standing in their way.  They see the world as a combination of things they won’t be able to achieve.

That is simply not true.  Creating abundance is possible – as long as you are able to understand how to direct your life and purpose towards recognizing the abundance inside you.

Abundance Mindset

My life coach philosophy focuses on the abundance mindset because abundance is possible with everyone.  The root of abundance is the Latin word Abundare, meaning “to move in waves like the ocean.”  It is the perfect metaphor for what abundance truly means.

When you stand on the beach and look out towards the ocean, you’ll see that the waves keep moving forward, one after another.  The ocean never runs out of these waves and the ocean is filled with abundance!

Abundance is about truly understanding that you are enough, you have enough, and more will still be coming in your future.  Having an abundance mindset allows your life and purpose to feel like waves that keep coming through all areas of your life.

Understanding the Abundance Mindset

I encourage you to start to look for the abundance that is all around you and focus on truly achieving the abundance mindset.  Stop looking at only the things you don’t have – focus on the things that you do have, and the things that keep coming to you.  Soon you will find that you’re already wealthy – you simply were unable to recognize that wealth before.


Scott Epp, Certified Professional Coach and President of Abundance Coaching believes that each of us can live abundantly.  Scott is passionate about helping people create an abundance mindset and live with strong core values.   You can get a complimentary session by going to .


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