Scott is a Certified Professional Coach, author and the President of Abundance Coaching. Scott is a graduate of the Certified Professional Coach Program with The International Coach Academy. He is a long time Toastmaster and speaker. He is certified with Global Priority as a Values and Principles Trainer.


Scott’s passion is to help people discover who they are and what they value the most. One of the ways he does this is through a fun process which includes a game and personal coaching around your personal Core Values. Scott has decided to give back to the world; to help others push through whatever obstacles are blocking them from reaching their full potential and to truly allow them to live a life of abundance like himself. That was part of the inspiration that made Scott start his newest and most loved business venture, Abundance Coaching. He gives people the exact tools they need to not only live happier, but to find their purposes in life as well as the core values that will allow them to catapult to the tops of their industries. Scott is also a certified trainer with Global Priority where he works with businesses and individuals training them on universal principles and values that will enable them to start living healthier, more purposeful and successful lives.


Scott is passionate about life and he believes whole heatedly in the cliche “Dance like Nobody’s watching!” He loves people and has an extraordinary belief that people can and do change if they have reasons to hope, they are willing and they have good people to champion them to higher levels. Scott is realistic and optimistic, ambitious, kind and motivating. Scott Epp’s Essential Core Values In Life are: Faith, Family, Financial Independence, Integrity, Wisdom, Leadership and Encouragement.    You can get a complimentary coaching session with Scott by (clicking here)


Scott Ryan Epp:



The Abundance in Life Personal Development Blog is about helping you Live a Life Filled with Greatness, Passion, Wonder and Possibilities!

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